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  • PIGEON REPELLANT - Non-Toxic Pigeon Repellent Liquid , helps to scare away the birds without harming Crop

PIGEON REPELLANT - Non-Toxic Pigeon Repellent Liquid , helps to scare away the birds without harming Crop

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  • Katyayani Pigeon Repellant is a Non-Toxic Pigeon Repellent liquid that is India’s one of the most dependent on and famous  Pigeon repellent.  Pigeon Repellent  protected  birds are damaging your crops
  • Katyayani Pigeon Repellant is worked by irritating the bird’s sense of smell and taste and they will tend to avoid areas where the product is suspended in the air. Pigeon Repellant solution helps to scare away the birds without harming them.
  • Katyayani Pigeon Repellant has also an application as a bird and goose repellent for crop protection. Pigeon Repellant is effective for agricultural areas and also you can use it to protect your house or pool from pigeon droppings
  • APPLICATION Method 1: Make a solution by mixing 100 ML Katyayani Pigeon Repellant in 2-5 ltr of Water for spraying in areas of birds visits, habitats, physical touch activity, resting/ breeding places, and flying birds. Repeat the spray every week. Method 2: Use directly for surface painting with Roller or paintbrush by mixing 100 MLPigeon Repellant in 2 ltr Water to make a coating on a solid surface. Roof, Window Seal, Corners shall be selected for the application
  • Long description : Katyayani Pigeon Repellantis a control effective  Pigeon Repellent that is efficient to repel Pigeon, pigeons, and bats window ledges, Pigeon Repellent Gel Can be applied to surfaces whether angled, flat, rough, or smooth, and its not affected Pigeon Repellent Gel is in the form of a gel which when applied creates an unstable surface unacceptable to birds & thus deters their presence. It is inert and contains no poison, so no damage is done to birds that may momentarily touch the surface. Furthermore, birds don’t get stuck to the material. it is water repellent, insoluble and immiscible and can be considered as a waterproofing agent to surfaces, thereby preventing such conditions as crops damage.

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