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  • Oberon Insecticide is a novel foliar contact insecticide/acaricide belonging to the chemical class of ketoenols. Oberon has worldwide wide recognizaation for the control of mites and whitefly on vegetables, fruits, cotton and tea.
  • The product is active against all the developmental stages of mites and whiteflies resulting in long-lasting control. Oberon is safe on beneficial insects and with its new mode of action offers excellent management of resistant whiteflies and mites.
  • Technical Content :    Spiromesifen 22.9% SC
  • The lack of cross-resistance to coMODE OF ACTION
  • It has a new mode of action inhibiting lipid biosynthesis. The biological activity of tetronic acids correlates with inhibition of lipogenesis especially triglycerides and free fatty acids.

    Crop   Target pest Dosage/Acre Formulation (ml)  Dilution in water (L) Per Acre Waiting Period (PHI) in Days
    Brinjal Red Spider Mite 160 ml 200 lit 5 days
    Apple European Red Mite, Red Spider Mite 60 ml 200 lit 30 days
    Chilli Yellow Mite 100-160 ml 200 lit 7 days
    Tea Red Spider Mite 200 ml 200 lit 7 days
    Okra Red Spider Mite 160-200 ml 200 lit 3 days
    Tomato White Fly, Mite 250 ml 200 lit 3 days
    Cotton White Fly, Mite 240 ml 200 lit 10 days
    mmercial products makes spiromesifen a valuable tool for mite and whitefly resistance management.
  • Specialized miticide, with an additional feature of whitefly control.
  • Excellent persistence in activity against all developmental stages (especially eggs and nymphs) of whiteflies and mites.
  • It also reduces female fecundity and enhances egg sterilizatio The trans-ovarian effect results in un-hatched eggs.
  • Relatively safe to the environment- Best fit in IPM programme.

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