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  • Movento Energy is Bayer’s new standard for mixed sucking pest management. Its key active Spirotetramat is the only modern 2-way systemic insecticide in the world i.e. it translocates in the xylem as well as the phloem and thus offers “shoot to root” protection of the crop against multiple sucking pests.
  • Spirotetramat 11.01% + Imidacloprid 11.01% w/w SC (240 SC)
  • Two-way systemic insecticide: It offers a truly unique two-way systemic control, moving both upward and downward within plant system to control even hidden pests wherever they live and feed.
  • Broad Spectrum Insecticide: Movento Energy Insecticide is a broad spectrum insecticide effective against multiple sucking pests
  • Long Lasting Efficacy: Movento Energy Insecticide offers excellent long-term suppression of pest populations which results in increased crop vigour and increased yield.
Crop Insect/Pest Dosage/Acre(ml) Water(L) Waiting period(PHI)in Days
Brinjal Red Spider Mite, Whiteflies 200 200 ltr 3
Okra Red Spider Mite 200 200 ltr 5
  • MODE OF ACTION - Spirotetramat is a new Keto-enol and acts through lipid biosynthesis inhibition. It has a long duration efficacy against developmental stages of multiple sucking pests. Imidacloprid is a nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) inhibitor and results in disruption of the insect’s nervous system.
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - Avoid spraying when the crop is in the flowering stage and do not spray when the bees are actively foraging.


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