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Katyayani OUTBURST - Broflanilide 300 GL SC Incecticide

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Katyayani OUTBURST - Broflanilide 300 GL SC Incecticide :- 
Description :-
Katyayani OUTBURST is a potent insecticide solution crafted to meet the dynamic challenges encountered in modern agriculture. It equips farmers with powerful control against a wide array of insect pests, ensuring enhanced crop protection.


  • Active Ingredient: Broflanilide
  • Concentration: 300g/L SC

Benefits of Product:

  • Empowers farmers with exceptional control over a broad spectrum of insect pests.
  • Utilizes Broflanilide, an innovative active ingredient with potent contact and systemic action.
  • Disrupts insect nerve signals by targeting GABA receptors, effectively incapacitating and controlling pests.
  • Offers targeted control against Lepidopteran species and specific sucking insects, safeguarding crops from potential devastation.
  • Provides precise solutions tailored to manage challenging pests in various crops.

Target pests:

  • Thrips & Lepidoptera
  • Helicoverpa, Spodoptera & Semi looper spp
  • Maruca and Helicoverpa
  • Lepidoptera spp
  • shoot & fruit borer

Dosage Recommendations:

Refer to the following table for dosage recommendations based on crop, target pest, and cropping stage:

Crop Target Pest/Insects Cropping Stage Dosage/Acre (ml)
Chilli Thrips & Lepidoptera 1st spray – Active vegetative growth stage with Thrips incidence 34
Soyabean Helicoverpa, Spodoptera & Semi looper spp. With pest incidence. 2nd spray – 15 days after 1st spray 17
Red gram Maruca and Helicoverpa With pest incidence. 2nd spray – 20-25 days after 1st spray 17
Tomato Lepidoptera spp. 1st spray – Before flower initiation. 2nd spray – Before fruit initiation 25
Brinjal Shoot & fruit borer 1st spray – Active vegetative growth stage. 2nd spray – 7-10 days after 1st spray 25


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