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Gibberellic Acid 0.001% L Plant Growth Regulator Liquid, Suitable for Drip and Foliar Spray

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Bullet Points:
  • event pre-dropping of fruits & flowers and to enhance overall Growth of the plants.
  • Katyayani Gibberellic acid  is a metabolic enhancer  which stimulates & regulates plant growth It enhances photosynthesis and plant metabolism.thus,  increases cell growth in stems, leaves and roots , reduces flower and fruit dropping and enhances quality of produce and thus boost crop yields.
  • Overcoming Dormancy : Treatment of seeds / tubers before sowing with Gibberellic acid is effective in overcoming dormancy and causing rapid germination of Prevents Premature Flowering enlarges fruit and boosts crop yields.
  • It delays aging of leaves.allows the production of bigger leaves and root system.It improves micronutrients and water uptake through root initiation and development.Improve establishment and growth of young plants produced from cuttings, seed or plugs.Katyayani Presents the world famous Plant Growth Regulator Gibberellic Acid 0.001 % Liquid which is used To increase the growth and number of flowers to pr
  • Dosage : Katyayani Gibberellic Acid 0.001 is widely used in Paddy Sugarcane Cotton Groundnut Banana Tomato Potato Cabbage Cauliflower Grape Brinjal Bhindi Tea Mulberry & For Domestic Purposes like Home Garden Terrace Kitchen Garden Nursery & Indoor Plantation. General Dosage is 30 ml in 15 Liter water. Detailed Instructions to use is given along with the product 

Product Description - Gibberellic Acid is a hormone extracted from plants and fungi being widely used as a plant growth regulator. Gibberellic acid is a tetracyclic di-terpenoid hormone that regulates plant growth. Even though it is present in plants, it is produced at a very low rate. Plants with growth hormone deficiency have a slow or flat rate of growth.

METHOD OF APPLICATION: Spray uniformly to plants/crop so as to cover crop canopy fully. Gibberellic acid should be sprayed during the cool hours of the day. Repeat the application if there is rain within six hours of spraying.

TARGET CROPS: Grain crops, vegetable crops, oilseeds crops and fruit crops including Sugarcane, Cotton Banana Tomato Potato Cabbage Cauliflower Grape Brinjal Bhindi Tea Mulberry etc. Increases plant growth and crop yield makes bigger leaves and root system Improves Plant health and sustained productivity Enhance photosynthesis and plant metabolism.

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