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TECONGOLD (Tebuconazole. 25.9 % EC ) Fungicides

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Description:- Tebuconazole 25.9% EC is a systemic fungicide containing 25.9% w/w Tebuconazole Technical as active ingredient, balance auxillaries and inert material. Tebuconazole 25.9% EC is used as foliar spray for the control of powdery mildew and fruit rot of chilli, tikka and rust of groundnut, blast and sheath blight of rice, Purple blotch of Onion, anthracnose (pod blight) of Soyaben and leaf spot and anthracnose of Black grame.
Direction of use:- Time of application and application equipment : Tebuconazole 25.9% EC is applied as protective as well as curative fungicide with knapsack sprayer at early appearance of disease. Precaution:- Poisonous. Handle with care. Do not touch or inhale the contents, while handling the contents use rubber gloves and face masks. TRANSPORTATION:- No fungicide shall be transported or stored in such a way as to come into contact with food stuffs or animal feeds.
Dosage:- 625 ml / acre
Formulation Type:-EC Package:- 500 ml, 1 ltr
Trade Name:-TECON GOLD
Stock Qty :-500ltr

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