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  • Polyram is broad spectrum contact fungicide from EBDC group for wide range of crops. 
  • It Provides broad spectrum disease protection with safe Zinc (14%) supplement, which helps in better crop health.
  • Polyram is an ideal tank mix and spray program partner due to its versatile Mode of Action i.e. multisite action. 
  • Technical Content :       Metiram 70% WG


  • Provides more biological activity because they give better coverage of the plant surface.
  • Suspends better and stay in suspension for longer.
  • Adhere better to the plant surface and are better redistributed by light rain or dew.


  • Broad spectrum disease control-Multisite action.
  • Nutrition: Healthy Green Crop- Added Zn 14% .
  • WG Formulation: Easy dispersion in water & No stains
Mode Of Action - Polyram is broad spectrum contact fungicide with protective action for a wide range of crops.


Crop   Target Diseases Dosage/Acre Formulation (ml)  Dilution in water (L)/Acre  Waiting Period (PHI) in days
Tomato Alternaria blight 1000 gm 200-300 ltr 6
Groundnut Tikka 800 gm 200-300 ltr 16
Potato  Early bilght and Late blight 800 gm 200-300 ltr 21
Grapes Downey Mildew 800 gm 200-300 ltr 7
Rice Blast and Brown spot 600-800 gm 200 ltr 51


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