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Urja US 8080 F1 Hybrid Cucumber (Kakri) Seeds

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US-8080: Cucumber is especially a warm season crop. This is very sensitive to frost. Excess humidity promotes diseases like powdery mildew and downy mildew. The optimum temperature range for cucumber production is between 16 and 32°C. Seed of cucumber germinates well at 25°C.
Urja US 8080 F1 Hybrid Cucumber (Kakri) Seedsdetails:
  • Vigorous growing short vines
  • Creamish white fruits
  • Average Fruit length of Urja US 8080 F1 Hybrid Cucumber (Kakri) Seeds – 12 to 14cms
  • Average Fruit weight of Urja US 8080 F1 Hybrid Cucumber (Kakri) Seeds – around 100gms
  • Seed rate: 300-400 Gms per acre
Sowing time (North):
  • Feb – Mar
  • Sep – Jan (Polyhouse)
Sowing time (South):
  • Jun – Jul
  • Jan – Feb

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