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Urja Thai Green F1 Hybrid Cucumber (Kakri) Seeds

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Thai Green: Cucumber is a warm season, vining, annual plant in the family Cucurbitaceae grew for its edible cucumber fruit. The cucumber plant is a sprawling vine with large leaves and curling tendrils. The plant may have 4 or 5 main stems from which the tendrils branch. The leaves of the plant are arranged alternately on the vines, have 3–7 pointed lobes, and are hairy. The cucumber plant produces yellow flowers that are 4 cm (1.6 in) in diameter. The cucumber fruit varies in shape but is generally a curved cylinder rounded at both ends. The optimum temperature range for cucumber production is between 16 and 32°C. The seed of cucumber germinates well at 25°C.

Urja Thai Green F1 Hybrid Cucumber (Kakri) Seeds Details

  • Urja Thai Green F1 Hybrid Cucumber (Kakri) Seeds is High yielding variety
  • Cylindrical light green colored fruit
  • Average fruit length of Urja Thai Green F1 Hybrid Cucumber (Kakri) Seeds – 18 to 20cms
  • First harvest in 35 to 40 days

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