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Dr. Bacto's DERMUS 4K Trichoderma Viride Is An Ecofriendly Bio-Fungicide And Nematicide. This Product Is Based On Dextrose Base Technology

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Dr. Bacto’s Dermus 4K is an ecofriendly bio-fungicide and nematicide containing indigenous isolate of nematophagous and antagonistic fungus Trichoderma viride. It is a selective bioagent and effectively controls soil-borne nematodes and diseases on crops.

Mode of action: Dr. Bacto’s Dermus 4K has Trichoderma viride showing antagonistic activity against different plant pathogens through different mechanisms of action, including mycoparasitism, antibiosis, and competition for nutrients and space.

Benefits: It plays a major role in the control of soil-borne nematodes and diseases on crops.

Recommended Crops: For Tomato and Okra.

Trichoderma viride (2 × 106 CFU per gm Minimum)

Dosage:  Seed Treatment: 20 gm per 1 kg of seeds

250 gram to 500 gram per acre.

Soil Application: 5 kg per hectare enriched FYM at 5 tons/hectare to the soil before transplanting.

The stage during which pesticide should not be applied on any crop: Not to be applied during crop maturity and just before crop harvest.