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Sun Bio AZOS Bio Fertilizer (Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria Azospirillum) (Powder)

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Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria Azospirillum (CFU: 1 X 108 Cells / ml)
SUN BIO AZOS contains associative symbiotic Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria, Azospirillum. It fixes atmospheric nitrogen and make it available to the plants by living in close proximity with the root zone. It is tolerant to low pH and salt. It can form cyst to tide over unfavorable conditions. Thus it thrives and maintains its population during favorable conditions. It can provide 30 to 50% of nitrogen requirement of the plant.

  • The effective strain used in SUN BIO AZOS culture fixes about 15 to 20 kg N/ha.
  • In certain condition, anti-fungal activities exhibited by this culture indirectly manage fungal diseases.
  • Reduces expenditure on chemical nitrogenous fertilizers up to 30%.
  • Increase crop growth, yield and quality.
  • Increases soil microbial activity thereby enhancing soil fertility.
  • Certain growth promoting substances released by SUN BIO AZOS are useful for increasing the seed germination, plant growth, vigour and yield.
Mode of Action - When Azospirillum is applied to the soil the dormant cells get activated and start to divide & redivide by using the Carbon sources available in the root exudates & rhizopshere. In many plants it attaches itself to the root & uses the carbon sources from the root exudates therefore this is described as an associative N-fixing bacterium. Sometimes it enters into the internal cortical tissues and becomes endophytic. It produces growth promoting substances like Indol Acetic Acid (IAA), Gibberellins & promotes root proliferation. The ammonium ion that is produced by this reaction is in the form of nitrogen that is used by living systems in the synthesis of many bio-organic compounds.
Crops - Cereals, millets, fruits, vegetables, flowers, sugarcane, plantation and field crops.
Dosage and Method of Application
Seed / Planting Material Treatment (Per kg) - Mix 200 gm of SUN BIO AZOS in cold jaggery solution and apply evenly on seed surface. Dry treated seed in shade before sowing and use on same day.
Seedling Treatment - Mix 1 gm of SUN BIO AZOS in 1 liter of water dip seedling roots for 5-10 minutes before transplanting.
Soil Application (Per Acre) - Mix 200 gm of SUN BIO AZOS with 50-100 kg of well decomposed manure or cake and apply evenly on moist soil.
Drenching - Mix 1 gm of SUN BIO AZOS in 1 liter of water and apply near root zone by drenching.
Fertigation (Per Acre) - Mix 1-2 gm of SUN BIO AZOS in water and apply in the root zone through drip system.


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