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BIOSILIKATE - Silica Synthesized from Biomass

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BIOSILIKATE - Silica Synthesized from Biomass Details:
  • Biosilikate is nano-silica (a highly appreciated micro-nutrient now-a-days) salt synthesized from biomass
Benefits of spraying BioSilKate
  • Spraying of BioSilKate helps in formation of a thin layer of silicone on the cuticle. In addition to the hygroscopic properties, it forms a barrier on or around the leaf surface, thereby restricting the entry of fungi and making the leaf surface less tasty and abrasive to insects.
  • Silica is absorbed and deposited in the cell walls, causing the cell walls to become more flexible and rigid, thus protecting the crop from possible infection.Plants tend to form polyphenolic compounds, which act as natural defenses against fungal diseases and moths
  • The respiratory rate of plants is reduced and the resistance of plants to drought and frost increases
  • The stem and roots are strengthened, the process of photosynthesis improves and thus the quality of the crop improves
Directions for use: Spraying: 2-2.5 ml of Biosilikate per liter of water. If possible, apply only silikate (without dilution). If used in a mixture, add water and other products to the spray tank first and finally BiosilKate. Avoid using Biosilikate with inorganic fertilizers and highly acidic products. In fact, check compatibility before using
  • Shelf life: Two years from date of manufacture

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