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BACSIL - Silicate Solubilizing Bacteria Bio Fertilizer

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BACSIL - Silicate Solubilizing Bacteria Bio Fertilizer Details :
  • Bacsil Silica liquid biofertilizer has been formulated by fermentation technology containing cell count of 109 cfu/ml Silicate Solubilizing Bacteria (SSB). Silicon is not considered as the primary nutrient in plants, but plants do accumulate silica and deposit on the walls of epidermis and vascular tissues, rendering rigidity & strength to stems and leaves thereby making plants more resistant to pest and disease attack.
  • Over 90% of the Earth’s crust is composed of silicate minerals, making silicon the second most abundant element in the Earth’s crust after oxygen, but silicate minerals are unavailable to plants and they have to be depolymerized to ortho silicic acid for plant absorption.
  • Silicate Solubilizing Bacteria in Bacsil are able to solubilize various soil silicates to ortho silicic acid and is taken up by plants along with water thereby playing a major role in increasing crop yield & improving plant health.
  • Dosage: 250ml per acre inadequate quantity of water or applied mixed with a small quantity of well-decomposed organic manure or through the drip irrigation system.

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