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AZOSP - Nitrogen Fixing Azospirillium Biofertilizer

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Maltose AZOSP are free living nitrogen fixing bacteria is able to fix atmospheric nitrogen and has a high evolutionary adaptation rate. Maltose AZOSP is heterotrophic beneficial bacteria which has the capacity to fix nitrogen and it also produces side rophores and indoles which are very important in nutrient utilization and plant growth by colonizing in the inner tissue of stolons as well as roots.
- Decreases the use of N(ammonia) fertilizer by40%, by Producing growth promoting substance such as indole acetic acid that promotes root proliferation and increase the rootlet density and root branching resulting in increased uptake of minerals and water.
- Activates soil biologically, and restores soil fertility Provides protection against drought and some soil borne diseases. Increases the crop yield by 20 -50%
Recommended Crops:
- Maltose AZOSP – is suitable for Fruit crops, Vegetable crops, Flower crops, plantation crops, Spices and condiments crops, Medicinal crops, Aromatic crops and gardening plants.
Application and Method of application:
- Seed treatment: 5 - 10 ml/kg of seeds insufficient water to wet the seeds. Dry the seeds under shade before sowing. Take 50 - 100ml of Maltose Azosp in 20 - 25 lt of water and dip the roots in the solution for about 30 mins, before transplanting.
- Soil application: 1 liter/ acre- recommended 2-3 application for better results.
- Drip irrigation: 1 litre/ acre- recommended 2-3.


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