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Aqua Plants Microbes

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Microbes for Aquarium and aquatic plants Utkarsh Aqua Plants Microbes is a combination of various microorganisms which are beneficial for both aquatic system and aquatic plant. Utkarsh Aqua Plants Microbes helps in clean, clear, hygienic water and controlling disease. Utkarsh Aqua Plants Microbes keeps all aquatic lives healthy and beautiful. Utkarsh Aqua Plants Microbes also contains various microorganisms which have ability to produce many plant growth promoters and plant growth promoting hormones. Utkarsh Aqua Plants Microbes convert phosphate, zinc, Sulphur, silica and potassium into available form to the plant making them healthy. Utkarsh Aqua Plants Microbes use fish excreta and unused extra food as a nutrition and convert it into simple organic form. As a result, concentration of ammonia, nitrate and nitrite are decreases which are helpful to aquatic ecosystem. Recommendation Use 10-20 ml Utkarsh Aqua Plants Microbes per 50 Litre of Aquarium water or Aquatic system. Use it weekly after changing water. Content Count De- Nitrifying Bacteria 1×108 CFU/ml (min) Phosphate Solubitizing Bacteria 1×108 CFU/ml (min) Potash Mobilizing Bacteria 1×108 CFU/ml (min) Zinc Solubitizing Bacteria 1×108 CFU/ml (min) Sulfur Solubilizing Bacteria 1×108 CFU/ml (min)

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