What should you keep in mind before buying Cotton seeds in Telangana?

Factors to consider while buying cotton seeds on Telangana

Cotton is a crucial crop in India and the world over. It provides the basic material (cotton) needed by the cotton textile industry. Cotton is a popular crop in Telangana and is cultivated in most parts of the region each year. 12.5 lakh hectares of land is devoted to cotton production in the state. Telangana has a yearly production of about 48 lakh bales. Cotton seed is used in the vanaspati industry and can also be fed to cattle to make them produce better-quality milk.

To produce high-quality cotton in Telangana farmers need to select the best cotton seeds in Telangana. Before we at BadiKheti show you some of the top cotton seeds in Telangana, let us have a look at some basics about cotton farming in Telangana.

Basics about Telangana Cotton Farming

Cotton is a tropical crop that requires a high average temperature of between 21°C and 30°C. It grows faster at this temperature than when it’s below 20°C. Nearly all cotton is grown in areas where the temperature does not fall below freezing for more than 210 days a year. It’s actually frost that is the plant’s most dangerous enemy. Telangana cotton seeds also need to be protected from frost.

Water availability

As long as you have an annual average rainfall of 50- 100 cm, it’s not a problem to grow cotton. Most Telangana cotton growing districts have this kind of rainfall. However, you need to make sure the plants get enough nutrients and moisture. About 1/3rd of the total organic cotton cultivation in India relies on irrigation systems. This is why states like Telangana are switching over to cotton as they have a well-developed irrigation system. The cotton seed price in Telangana is also very cheap as the government promotes cotton production to diversify the yield of the state.


Heavy rainfall and moisture at boll opening and harvesting make it difficult for soil to dry out which makes cotton vulnerable to pests. The best-quality cotton seeds in Telangana can withstand pests that crop up due to heavy rainfall.

Guide to Cotton Farming in India


Cotton aka Kapas, one of the important commercial crops, grows well on black loamy soils. It also does well on alluvial soil found in the Satluj-Ganga Plain and red and laterite soil found in peninsular regions. Cotton and similar crops exhaust the soil, the reason why regular manuring and fertilizing are important and one should know about the right type of fertilizers for the same. There are many good cotton seeds in Telangana that grow well without depleting the soil.

To help you select the best cotton seed branding Telangana, we at BadiKheti have prepared a list of the top brands dealing in cotton seeds in Telangana. Here is the list:

Sr. No. Product Name Manufacturer Name
1 RCH 659 BG II Rasi Seeds
2 BINDAAS BG II (7213-2) Bio Seeds
3 US 7067 BG II US Agri Seeds
4 NCS 929 BT II (Navneet) Nuziveedu Seeds
5 NEO RCH 578 BG II Rasi Seeds

Desirable Cotton Seed Characteristics to Look at While Buying Cotton Seeds Online in India

Final thought

Cotton is a cash crop and is known as “white gold” in many parts of Telangana. If you want to get a good cotton crop, then selecting the best Telangana cotton seeds is very important. At BadiKheti, we help you buy high-quality cotton seeds online easily at a reasonable price from the comfort of your home.

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