Top 4 Factors to Look at While Buying Cotton Seeds

Top Factors To Look At While Buying Cotton Seeds

India has the largest cotton area under cultivation in the world. Seeds have a major role to play in India’s success story as a cotton-producing nation. The importance of seeds in agriculture cannot be ignored, especially for cotton farming. The quality and quantity of cotton crops that you will get in India depend a lot on seeds. In this blog, we will have a look at the factors you need to consider before buying a cotton seed online.

Desirable characteristics to have in a good cotton seed before you buy

The following are the desirable characteristics to have a look at before you buy cotton seeds.


Cotton yield can be quantified in two different ways: the yield of seed cotton and the yield of lint. The term “seed cotton yield” refers to the amount of cotton that is harvested before it is refined. It has both lint and seed in its composition. On the other hand, “lint yield” refers to the amount of fiber that is extracted during the ginning process. The primary byproduct of cotton is fiber, often known as lint. The most important aspects of cotton output are the total boll weight and the number of bolls produced by each plant. The percentage of lint obtained after ginning is an essential component of total lint production.

Always have a look at the yield of the cotton seed before buying it. Best cotton fertilizers can help you increase your yield.

Fiber Quality

The primary byproduct of cotton is fiber, often known as lint. The length of the fiber, its strength, its fineness, its maturity, and its homogeneity are all factors that contribute to its quality. The capacity of the spinning of cotton plants is another indicator of the quality of the fiber. There have been significant advancements achieved in the quality of the fiber, particularly in terms of fiber length and spinning capacity.

Insect and Disease Resistance

It is important to manage pests of cotton to ensure good cotton production. Cotton crops are subject to a number of different diseases and insect pests, which ultimately leads to significant reductions in output. Genetic resistance is the most effective and cost-efficient method for minimizing production losses of this kind. There are various genetically resistant cotton seeds that you can buy. Applying pesticides and Fungicides is also effective.


Earliness in cotton crops is a highly appreciated quality because of the many benefits it provides. Early varieties allow for various crossing systems, provide an escape from late-season pests, save spending on pesticidal treatments and crop management, and ultimately result in a reduction in the costs associated with agriculture. The time it takes for cotton to mature has been greatly shortened thanks to the development of new types of cotton seeds.

Buy Quality Cotton Seeds!

Always ensure to buy cotton seeds that have all the above desirable characteristics. This will help you reap a good cotton crop. BadiKheti is the name you can trust because here you will find a wide range of high-quality cotton seed varieties to buy online in India.