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Most Profitable Crops to Grow in India
  • badikheti
  • June 1, 2023

Highly Profitable Crops in India: Maximizing Your Agricultural Returns

The agriculture business is profitable in India because of the large and diverse market, the favorable climate and soil conditions, the low cost of labor and inputs, and the government support and subsidies. That are many crops that are grown to earn a profit. By following a certain procedure one can get the full benefit of such cash crops. Some of the most profitable crops in India are vegetables, field crops, and flowers. Let's have...

Why Use Organic Fertilizers and Pesticides for Castor Farming
  • badikheti
  • May 25, 2023

The Benefits of Buying Organic Fertilizers and Pesticides for Castor Farming

The agriculture business is booming in India these days because there are tremendous government support and incentives for farmers and agri-entrepreneurs. Additionally, there is an increase in demand for food and other agricultural products due to the ever-growing population giving a further boost to agriculture. Another reason for the boom in the Indian agriculture business is the adoption of new technologies and novelties in farming. Indian farmers are now being educated and they prefer buying...

How to do Onion Farming in India?
  • badikheti
  • May 19, 2023

A Quick guide to Onion Farming in India

Onion farming is a profitable and rewarding activity for farmers in India. Onions are widely used in Indian cuisine and have many health benefits. The cultivation of Onions is done in most states of India. Growing quality Onions from seeds to get high production is every farmer's dream, Here we have provided steps that can help them to achieve it. Onion Seed Farming in 7 Steps To grow onions successfully, farmers need to follow these...

How to Grow CHILLIES at Home!
  • badikheti
  • May 17, 2023

How to Grow Chilies from Seeds in Your Backyard and Earn Extra Income?

If you are looking for a way to earn some extra money, you might want to consider selling homegrown chili. Chili is a popular and versatile ingredient that can be used in many dishes, sauces, and snacks. Selling homegrown chili can be a good income source because there is a high demand for fresh and organic chili in the market. You can sell your chili directly to customers, or to local restaurants, shops, or farmers'...

Growing Onions From Seeds
  • badikheti
  • May 11, 2023

How to Grow Onions from Seeds in Easy Process?

According to ResearchGate, Onion is one of the most widely cultivated and consumed vegetables in India. It is used in various dishes, salads, pickles, and chutneys. Onion seeds, also known as kalonji or nigella seeds, are not only edible but also have many health benefits. Onions also serve as Indian traditional medicine by lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels; also, it is said to boost immunity and digestion. Growing onion seeds at home...

Tips for Growing Vegetables in Great Demand
  • badikheti
  • May 5, 2023

Best Tips for Growing Vegetables in Great Demand

India is a country with diverse climatic conditions and soil types, which makes it possible to grow a variety of vegetables throughout the year. However, growing vegetables in India also requires some planning and care, as different vegetables have different requirements and challenges. In this blog post, we will share some tips for growing eight in-demand vegetables in India: cucumber, coriander, beetroot, onion, chili, broccoli, cauliflower, and capsicum. Cucumber The cucumber is a summer vegetable...

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