Best Vegetables to Plant in November

November Is Here: Plant These Vegetables

Indian winters are ideal for planting vegetables. Many regions of the country have optimal climate, light, and temperature for growing diverse vegetables. Winter’s basket holds the prettiest flowers, veggies, and fruits.

Apart from farming, you can also plant seeds and grow all you need for beautiful food gardens during this season. This blog describes the wide range of veggies you can plant in the month of November. Let’s begin!

Which are the Best Vegetables To Plant In November?

There are many varieties of vegetables that can be grown in the winter season in India. Here are the top 4 vegetables to plant in the month of November.


People love beetroot because it cleans the body and fights free radicals. The best place for them to grow is next to cabbages. Pre-soak beetroot seeds 24 hours before planting. Plant one inch deep and two inches apart. Beets like soil that is neutral, moist, and well-fed. They also like to grow in the sun. If you love gardening, then you can even grow beetroot on a roof that isn’t being used.

Tip for harvesting: Beetroot bulbs are ready to be picked about a month after they are planted. They should be picked before they get woody. Use our wide range of gardening tools to help you pluck beetroot and other plants.

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You can plant radish seeds next to beet and carrot seeds. Wet soil helps plants grow quickly and make thick roots. As radishes are rooted plants, snails and caterpillars will find their way to them, but they can be picked up by hand. Buy insecticides online from BadiKheti, an India-based marketplace for agricultural products, to save your radish plants from such insects and save your yield.

Tip for harvesting: Winter radishes are ready to pick when they are about 8 weeks old, in the morning.

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Soak okra seeds for 12–18 hours before sowing. Soaking helps germination after frost and plant okra. The soil must reach 65 degrees to prevent seeds from decaying.

Tip for harvesting: Our first harvest will come 45–50 days after planting. Harvest produce every two days at 2-3 inches in height. Use scissors or just pluck them above their caps. Another pod will sprout from the incision. Harvest Okra till it stops producing.

That’s it for fresh okra in your farms and gardens. Grow using Badikheti’s premium okra seeds!

Why You Should Grow Organic Vegetables?


Green peas need soil moisture during flowering and pod development. Its crop needs 500 mm of rain. Green peas grow in many soils. They prefer well-drained soils with pH 6–8.

Tip for harvesting: Harvest green pea pods at the right time. Pea harvesting begins when peas turn green. 4–5 picklings can be done in 6–10 days. The variety of peas, soil fertility, and management affect yield. Buying high-quality peas seeds from online agriculture marketplace such as Badi Kheti and realizing a bumper yield.

Tips to Grow Different Vegetable

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November is a great month to plant a variety of vegetables, whether you’re a farmer or a gardener. In this blog, we have discussed the best four vegetables for planting in November namely beetroot, okra, radish, and peas. To grow these vegetables, you will need to procure a lot of materials.

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