What Should You Know Before Buying Fungicides?

All You Need to Know about Fungicides

Around 85% of crop diseases are caused by fungus. There are various types of Fungi that can kill your crop and to overcome that issue there are many different kinds of fungicides available in India. Some of the fungicides stick to the plant right away and protect it from fungi. Others are systemic, which means they move through the whole plant and kill the fungi from the inside.

Let’s have a detailed look at fungicides that protect your crop.

What is a Fungicide?

Fungicides are pesticides that stop, kill, slow down, or stop the growth of fungi in plants. However, they don’t work on bacteria, nematodes, or viral diseases. Today you can buy fungicides online in India from portals like BadiKheti. To buy the best fungicide for plants, you need to have some knowledge about fungicides.

Classification of Fungicides

One can classify fungicides in the following ways.


These fungicides don’t get taken in by the plant, so they stick to the outside of the plant. They make a barrier that keeps the fungus from getting into the plant and hurting the tissues. Systemic products, which are also called penetrants, are absorbed by the plant and can move from where they were applied to other parts of the plant. By moving from the top to the bottom of the leaf surface, the fungicide changes how the plant moves from old tissues to new tissues and new growth.

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Preventive vs. Curative

Fungicides that work by stopping fungi from getting into plants are called “preventive.” The preventive fungicides touch the fungus directly and have to be reapplied to new plant tissues. Curative fungicides, on the other hand, affect the fungus after it has spread. This means that they can stop the disease even after it has spread and the first symptoms have been seen. Fungicides that can move around inside the plant can both prevent and treat problems.

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Mode of action

This is mostly about what effect the fungicide has on the fungus. Fungicides work by hurting the cell membrane of the fungus, which stops it from doing damage. This could be a single process or several processes in the fungus. To keep working and stop fungicides from becoming resistant, it’s important to mix or switch products that work in different ways.

If you want to go with organic farming, then you can choose organic fungicides which are free from chemicals.

How to apply fungicides?

You can apply fungicides in the following ways;

  • Spraying on leaves and other parts of plants that grow above ground.
  • By injecting into the tree’s trunk.
  • Produce that has already been picked as a dip or spray in the packinghouse.


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