How to Protect Cotton Crops from Diseases?

Cotton Diseases- Diagnosis and Treatment

Cotton farming is undertaken on a large scale in India. Cotton disease control is an important part of cotton crop protection. Every year farmers face a lot of damage due to different diseases in their cotton crop. In this blog, we will take a look at the most common diseases that affect the cotton crop.

Cotton Disease Management: From Identification to Prevention

Fusarium wilt of cotton

Plants get short and yellow, and then their leaves fall off. Yellowing starts at the edges of a leaf and moves inward. Plants that are infected bear fruit earlier and make smaller cotton bolls. It makes a ring of blackening and discoloration just under the bark. It hurts the crop at every stage.

How to treat Fusarium wilt disease?

To stop Fusarium wilt, you should plant cotton seeds that are resistant to the disease. Try not to keep planting cotton in the same field. Follow the right way to switch crops. Provide good drainage. Trichoderma viride formulation @ 4 gm/kg of seed should be used to treat the seeds. To get rid of it, make a solution of 10 grams of Thiophanate Methyl and 50 grams of Urea in 10 liters of water, and then put it near the base of the plants.

Leaf spot of cotton

The following are the two most common types of leaf spots found in cotton crops.

Alternaria Leaf spot

Cotton disease diagnosis of this disease is done through leaves. On the leaves, there are small, round, or irregular spots that are pale to brown and have wide edges. When leaves are hurt, they dry out and fall off. It could lead to cankers on the stem. The infection spreads to the boll, which starts to rot, and then the bolls of cotton fall off. Plants that are already struggling because of drought, lack of nutrients, or other pests are more likely to get sick.

How to treat Alternaria leaf spot disease?

combination of cultural and chemical methods can help to treat the disease like Alternaria Leaf spot. You can rotate different crops, use Fungicides, Avoid overhead irrigation, and Remove and destroy all infected plant debris. You get rid of Alternaria leaf spots with agrochemicals bought from a top agriculture marketplace.

Cercospora leaf spot

For this cotton disease identification also you need to take a close look at the leaves. On the cotton plant leaves, there are red spots that get bigger and turn white or gray in the middle. The spots often have a pattern of concentric rings and a red edge. In the middle of the sores, dark grey spore masses grow, making them look dark grey.

What to do to treat Cercospora leaf spot disease?

If the Cercospora leaf spot disease is found in the field, spray the cotton crop with Copper Oxychloride at 3 grams per liter or Mancozeb at 2.5 grams per liter 3 to 4 times every 15 days.

Anthracnose leaf spot

The leaves of infected plants will have tiny, reddish, or pale dots. It causes the plant to weaken when stem wounds develop. The illness can enter a cotton boll at any time and quickly spread to the lint and the seed. Small, water-soaked, round, slightly depressed, reddish-brown patches characterize infected bolls.

What to do to treat Anthracnose disease in crops of cotton?

To prevent diseases such as Anthracnose Cotton seeds should be treated with Captan or Carbendazim at the rate of 3-4 gm/kg of seeds before being planted. Keep the field from getting too wet. Spraying with Carbendazim @1 gm/lit of water and removing infected plants from the field if found is recommended.

Root rot of cotton

Plants’ vigor suddenly and completely diminishes. The leaves of the cotton plant make everything look yellow. Pulling out diseased plants is simple. The majority of the plant’s roots are dead or dying, and only the tap root is alive and well.

What is the treatment for Root rot disease in cotton cultivation?

The soil should be amended with neem cake at a rate of 60 kilograms per acre before planting. Seeds of cotton can be treated with T. viride (4 gm/kg of seeds) to prevent root rot. Spot-treat infected plants and their surrounding healthy plants with Carbendazim@1 gm/lit.

Buy Quality Cotton Seeds from Top Brands in India and Take Preventive Measures.

The Battle Against Cotton Diseases!

Good cotton disease management starts with disease-resistant cotton seeds. Along with this, you need to take an integrated disease management approach towards cotton farming. This includes providing proper fertilizers for cotton cultivation, conducting robust pest control, taking care of nutritional deficiencies, and applying quality insecticides along with herbicides and fungicides.

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