How to Grow Onions from Seeds in Easy Process?

Growing Onions From Seeds

According to ResearchGate, Onion is one of the most widely cultivated and consumed vegetables in India. It is used in various dishes, salads, pickles, and chutneys. Onion seeds, also known as kalonji or nigella seeds, are not only edible but also have many health benefits. Onions also serve as Indian traditional medicine by lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels; also, it is said to boost immunity and digestion. Growing onion seeds at home is easy and rewarding and in Indian farms is highly profit-making.

In this short guide, we will share some amazing techniques on how to grow onion seeds in India successfully.

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Soak before sowing

Soaking onion seeds before sowing them can help improve their germination rate and speed up their growth. Onion seeds have a hard outer coating that prevents water from entering easily. As you soak the seeds in warm water for 12 to 24 hours, you observe that the coating is softened and hence the seeds absorb moisture and nutrients more efficiently. This can also help prevent fungal diseases and pests from attacking the seeds. Soaking before sowing seeds will help them germinate faster and more evenly.

Sow the seeds in a tray filled with moist soil

Sowing onion seeds in a tray filled with moist soil is a good way to start your onion crop. This method allows you to control the germination and growth of the seeds, and to transplant them to the garden when they are ready. Moist soil provides the seeds with enough water and nutrients to sprout and develop healthy roots. A tray also makes it easy to move the seedlings around and protect them from pests and diseases. To make it even better, you may learn how to maintain and manage organic soil in India.

Cover Onion seeds lightly with soil and keep them in a sunny spot

Onion seeds need to be covered lightly with soil and kept in a sunny spot for optimal germination. This is because onion seeds are small and delicate, and they need some moisture and warmth to sprout. If they are buried too deep, they may not get enough light or air. If they are exposed too much, they may dry out or get eaten by birds. A thin layer of soil and a sunny location will provide the best conditions for onion seeds to grow.

Water them regularly but avoid overwatering

Watering onion seeds regularly is important for their germination and growth. However, overwatering can cause fungal diseases and root rot that can damage the plants. Therefore, it is advisable to water the seeds only when the soil feels dry to the touch and also to avoid waterlogging the soil.

Transplant the seedlings

Transplanting the seedlings is one of the crucial stages in any crop to grow with its optimum capacity and yields. To transplant the onion seedlings into grow bags or pots, follow these steps:

  • Fill the grow bags or pots with moist potting mix.
  • Make small holes in the soil, about 4 inches apart and 1 inch deep.
  • Carefully remove the onion seedlings from their trays or containers, keeping the roots intact.
  • Place one onion seedling in each hole and gently press the soil around it.
  • Water the transplanted onions well and place them in a sunny spot.
  • Into grow bags or pots when they are about 10 cm tall. Choose a well-drained soil mix enriched with organic fertilizers and cow dung. Leave some space between the plants for air circulation and bulb formation.
  • Water the plants every 2-3 days or when the soil feels dry. Avoid wetting the leaves and bulbs as this can cause fungal diseases. Weed out any unwanted plants that may compete with the onions for nutrients and space.
  • Harvest the onions when the tops start to dry and fall over. Pull them out gently and let them cure in a dry and airy place for a few days. Store them in a cool and dark place or use them fresh in your dishes.

Are you ready to grow onions in your backyard?

Growing quality onions in Indian gardens requires careful planning, preparation, and maintenance of the soil, seeds, and crops.

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Let’s improve your agricultural skills by growing vegetable!

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