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Magic Roots (SP) Organic Nano Plant Growth Promoter

Infinite Biotech
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The Master Hormone Magic Roots is the 4th Generation Organic Plant Growth Regulator/ Promoter powerful, broad spectrum and progressive Yield Enhancer. It is a latest discovery in PGR category. It is made using an innovative Nano Technology. Benefits: - Strengths and expands the roots and stems - It works at cell level to boost up entire plant system and utmost gene expression - Rapidly develops the plants by dividing cells and expanding the roots - Having characteristics of phyto stimulatory compound, regulates the hormone even in low water and maintains the health of plant - Prevents fall of flowers and fruits - Provides the micronutrients accumulated in the soil to the plants as required (works as a career) - Increase the number of branches, flowering and hence enhance the yield - Dynamically increase the enzyme production of the plant, reduce stress and rejuvenate it - Increase the content of chlorophyll , protein, nucleic acid in plant, thus boosts the photosynthesis process - Maintains proper nutrition of tissues and prevents premature aging of crops - It can Strengthen the nursery plants also - Effectively works in seed germination and protein storage - By spraying mixed with pesticides, systematically increases the effect of pesticides Crop Spectrum : All Crops Also very effective in green-houses/Glass-houses and Net-houses. Dose : 10 Gram per Acre* (2 Gram per Pump), For better results 2-3 times spray is advisable @ interval of 15-20 days (Before and After Flowering)